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Our Services: Custom Development,
Validation, Calibration, and Training

Our services are all based on our commitment to our customers and our intense desire to exceed the most demanding criteria. We offer custom software development, in-house and end-user validation, instrument calibration, and product training.

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Custom Development

With a team of industry veterans at the ready, H&A Scientific can assist your needs for custom programming. With stability and simplicity among our key goals, we can assist in your company’s needs for data acquisition, database development, customized queries, chemometrics, instrument-controlled software, and other stand-alone applications. 

At H&A Scientific, we recognize each of your custom-developed projects as unique and that they may be subject to various regulatory guidelines and constraints. As befits a top-tier organization, our products are always developed in accordance with federal regulations following current GMP/GAMP guidelines, and we provide documentation throughout every phase of development. 

Our developers cover a large set of languages and environments. We develop using C/C++, Visual C++, Visual C#, Delphi, SQL Server and Oracle. 

Would you like to know more? Contact us at 252.752.4315 or and we can work with you to determine the best approach for your company’s project.


All H&A Scientific, Inc. products in our Quality Assurance Program have been validated to current pharmaceutical industry standards. All documentation is available for review by regulatory agencies or client auditors on site at H&A Scientific’s Greenville, NC headquarters. Your company will have the opportunity to audit and review all validation protocols.

All H&A products have been designed and tested using GAMP guidelines and our own internal Quality Assurance Program, which specifies document production, control, and issue. It also details the production of Quality and Project Plans, Configuration Management, and Change Control.

The Quality Assurance Program also issues controlled Functional Specifications and Design Documents, executes Controlled System Acceptance Test Specification documents, and details testing results with Conclusion documents. However, while this quality program is very thorough, it does not relieve the end-user from responsibility of on-site validation. 

As another option for our valued partners, end-user validation protocol packages are available for our products. The packages include User Requirement Specifications and all necessary user acceptance protocols, as well as our Quality and Project Plans and Maintenance Plans for the software. The testing documents will be provided prior to installation Execution of protocols may be carried out by members of your company’s staff who have attended one of H&A’s expert training sessions. Alternatively, execution of the protocols may be contracted with H&A Scientific, which will provide experienced personnel to execute the testing protocols. Your company will need to provide Quality Assurance assistance in the form of witnessing raw data and test result sheets. Upon completion, H&A Scientific will assist in the preparation of a conclusion document, and H&A and your company will provide approval signatures for this document. 

Please contact us at 252.752.4315 or for a quote for this service.


H&A Scientific offers in-depth calibration services for chromatographic analog-to-digital (A/D) converters, integrators, and strip chart recorders. We use our ChromWave hardware to generate NIST traceable signals that simulate the analog detector output of your HPLC or GC. Your A/D converter records the waveform generated by the output of the ChromWave, which is then compared with the known key ChromWave waveform using the ChromWave software. Ideally, the test and key waveforms will be exactly the same (within experimental error). 

H&A Scientific’s team of experienced chemists and scientists can also write protocols for your laboratory, which would be approved by your company prior to execution. These protocols would be complete with step-by-step test instructions and associated acceptance criteria. Our team will then prepare a conclusion document detailing the results of the calibrations. 

Please contact us at 252.752.4315 or for a quote for this service.


Keeping with its mission of rapid deployment H&A Scientific provides user training on-site and via the Web for all of our products. After the successful completion of training, attendees will be given a training certificate suitable for framing. H&A understands the possible need for new user training and therefore offers additional user training upon request. Each training course is designed to be hands-on with interactive discussion groups, and typically only takes two days.

Please contact us at 252.752.4315 or for a quote for this service.

Interested in Pharmaceutical Stability Training Courses in your region? Please contact us and we will explain the options we provide, both within the USA and Internationally. E-mail us at or you may contact Dr. Raphael (Raphy) Bar directly. 




What Our Clients Say About SLIM

  • H&A has been very helpful over the years whenever we had technical questions or needed to upgrade as computer technology evolved.

  • H&A Scientific offers top-notch customer service. They are always prompt to respond, they follow-up to make sure everything is still working satisfactorily, and their customer service representatives are friendly, helpful, professional, and extremely knowledgeable.


Commercial off-the-shelf solution for complete management of your drug stability program.


Developed specifically to determine the shelf-life of drug products placed on stability.


Seamless generation of validated stability reports in a format ready for FDA submission.


Designed to maintain compliance with requirements of the FDA and GAMP.