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PROduct Evaluation FAQ

    • Q: How can my company evaluate an H&A Scientific, product?
    • A: A free, live Internet demo is a great place to start getting acquainted with our best-in-class products. We will e-mail you a “link” that you will click on, after which you can then see our computer’s “desktop” where we are running the application. Then, our team of experts will be available to talk you through the demo.
    • Q: Are there other methods of product evaluation?
    • A: Certainly, it just depends on which of our stable, reliable products you want to try. For every product, we have multiple methods of evaluation. Simply contact us, and we find one that works for your company. For example, with PC/Chrom, we can send you a fully functional program that simulates data acquisition, thus allowing you to simulate an entire chromatographic run, including final report generation. For SLIMStat, please feel free to send us some data, and we will generate a final report for you based on your data.
  • Q: Does H&A Scientific, Inc. present “on-site” demonstrations?
  • A: Yes, if it is feasible. Please note that since we travel frequently to visit existing customers, if we (or our associates) are in the area, we will be happy to provide you with an on-site demo. In any case, please contact us, and if your company requires an on-site demo, we will do our best to accommodate you.


Ordering Information FAQ

    • Q: How do we request a price quote for an H&A Scientific product?
    • A: Contact us directly, either by submitting the “Contact Us” form on this website, e-mailing us directly at, or telephoning us at 252.752.4315. We will send you a quote within 24 hours. In some international geographic regions, we have Associates (Distributors) that you can contact directly for a quote. Their contact information is given at the bottom of the appropriate product page.
    • Q: How can we order one of your products?
    • A: Purchase Orders are the typical method of ordering our products. Of course, we are flexible, and frequently for products such as SLIMStat, we simply accept a Credit Card purchase over the phone. If applicable, you can also order a product directly from your local Associate (Distributor).
    • Q: What payment methods does H&A Scientific accept?
    • A: Within the USA, corporate checks, wire transfers, and credit cards are accepted. Outside the USA, wire transfers and credit cards are the typical method of payment, although we can accept some corporate checks from some regions (e.g. Canada).
    • Q: What bank should we send the wire transfer to?
    • A: For payment in US Dollars, contact us for banking information details for our bank here in the USA. For the convenience of our European customers, we also have a bank in Germany that accepts Euro payments. Again, please contact us for banking information details for payment in Euros.
  • Q: What credit cards are accepted by H&A Scientific?
  • A: Visa, Master Card, American Express, and several other credit cards are accepted. Please contact us for additional details.


General FAQs

  • Q: What is Stability Management Software?
  • A: A Stability Management Software is software designed to make chemists’ and scientists’ jobs easier by providing total management of drug products placed on stability.  Want to learn more about how our products (SLIM, SLIMStat, and SLIM Report Generator) take care of this task?  Check out our What is Stability Management Software page!


  • Q: What is GxP?
  • A: GxP is an acronym used meaning Good _ Practices, where the x can be a variety of ideas including Good Documentation Practices, Good Manufacturing Practices, and Good Laboratory Practices.  Read more on our What is GxP page!
  • Q: What is Stability?
  • A: Stability is process of determining shelf life of a drug product or ingredient over time when it is subjected to various conditions such as temperature, humidity, and light.  Read more on our What is Stability page!


Commercial off-the-shelf solution for complete management of your drug stability program.


Developed specifically to determine the shelf-life of drug products placed on stability.


Seamless generation of validated stability reports in a format ready for FDA submission.


Designed to maintain compliance with requirements of the FDA and GAMP.