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Keep your company current with H&A Scientific's latest software

Is your company running the latest H&A Scientific software and service packs? Are you taking advantage of the newest innovations our suite of reliable, easy-to-use products provide?

This section is dedicated to ensuring our customers have current and immediate information regarding software versions and updates. The list below covers current software releases and available software updates.

SLIM (SQL Server)

Current Version: Server 4.0.0 and Client 3.1.0

Server version 4.0.0 and Client version 3.1.0 
(Released: 11 Aug 2015) 
Links and Attachments, Batch Analysis (Summary) Reports, Turnaround Times Report, Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8.1 are now supported. Other improvements and fixes were implemented, and all Service Packs were included.

 Previous Releases:

Service Pack 03100309A (Applies to Server version 3.5.0 and Client version 2.14.0) 
(Released: 20 Sep 2011) 
Null aggregate message eliminated, spreadsheets now automatically resize their rows, multiple fixes for use with non-English Region and Language Settings, and other improvements and fixes.

Server version 3.5.0 and Client version 2.14.0 
(Released: 28 Oct 2009) 
Alternate Specifications, Alert Limits, and Windows Authentication are now supported. Other improvements were implemented, and all Service Packs were included.


For release information prior to Server version 3.5.0 and Client version 2.14.0 please contact us at



SLIM (Oracle)

Current Version: Server 5.1.0 and Client 4.1.0

Server version 5.1.0 and Client version 4.1.0 
(Released: 07 Dec 2015) 
Custom User Views, Storage Orientation, Unicode character support, and seamless integration with Report Generator and SLIMStat . Other improvements and fixes were implemented.

Previous Releases:

Server version 5.0.0 and Client version 4.0.0 
(Released: 27 Oct 2014) 
Simplified Protocol Setup with 'Sample Templates' Test Grouping, Redesigned Study Protocol (Matrix) Editor and Study Template builder, enhanced Workload Calendar, additional Storage Locations, Inventory Reports, and Time point reviews.  Support for Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8.  Numerous other improvements were implemented.

Service Pack 07121112A (Applies to Server version 4.0.0) 
(Released: 11 Mar 2013) 
Minor fixes were applied.

Server version 4.0.0 and Client version 3.0.0 
(Released: 31 Oct 2012) 
Alternate Specifications, Alert Limits, Batch and Turnaround Time reports. Other improvements were implemented.

 For release information prior to Server version 4.0.0 and Client version 3.0.0 please contact us at


SLIM Report Generator

Current Version(s): 3.0.2 for SLIM SQL Server and 4.1.0 for SLIM Oracle.

Service Pack 03A160127A (for Oracle Report Generator version 4.1.0) 
(13 May 2016) 
Fixed packaging date display and printing issues.

Service Pack 03A160127A (for SQL Server Report Generator version 3.0.2) 
(05 Apr 2016) 
Fixed study statement transfer issue.

SLIM (Oracle) Report Generator version 4.1.0
(03 Dec 2015) 
Ability to display Unicode characters and support for the storage condition orientation information.

SLIM (SQL Server) Report Generator version 3.0.2
(20 Nov 2015) 
Support to display a study information statement from the study properties in SLIM.

Previous Releases:

SLIM (Oracle) Report Generator version 4.0.0
(27 Oct 2014) 
Support to create and store report templates, display sub time point and sub condition information, and specifications for sample templates. Other fixes and improvements were implemented.

SLIM (SQL Server) Report Generator version 3.0.1 
(15 Jan 2014) 
The changes made in version 3.0.0 were released for use with Microsoft SQL Server.

SLIM (Oracle) Report Generator version 3.0.0 
(23 Jan 2013) 
A Certificate of Analysis report is now available. A specification events table can now be included. The size of the first three columns (Test, Method, and Acceptance Criteria) is now adjustable for the main stability report. Report pages can now be copied to the clipboard as images and then pasted into Microsoft® Word documents. Released using Windows 7 as the client operating System.

SLIM (SQL Server) Report Generator version 2.3.0 
(01 Apr 2010) 
Supports filtering of test fields on the final report. The Company Logo may be displayed and printed on each page. Includes an interface for alternate specifications when they are present. Many other new features. This version requires SLIM server version 3.5.0.

 For release information prior to version 2.3.0 please contact us at



Current Version: 6.0.0:

(Released for use with SLIM Oracle server version 5.1.0 and client version 4.1.0: 25 Jul 2017)
(Released for use with SLIM SQL server version 4.0.0 and client version 3.1.0: 25 Jul 2017)
Multi-lingual reports (French, German, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish languages), Company specified Logo on reports, OOT determination using the Prediction Interval across batches, Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10 are now supported.  Other improvements and fixes were implemented, and all Service Packs were included. 

Previous Versions:

Service Pack 04151111A (for use with SLIM Oracle server version 5.1.0 and client version 4.1.0) 
(12 Jan 2016) 
Fixed issues with Unicode authentication and high-resolution DPI display.

SLIMStat version 5.2.0
(Released for Oracle: 27 Oct 2014)
(Released for SQL Server: 21 Aug 2015) 
Added authentication using SLIM security, eliminating the need to maintain two sets of system users.

SLIMStat version 5.1.0 

(Released: 21 Feb 2014) 
Unicode support had been added. Policies now support the formatting of dates globally, as well as localized timestamps. Time in units of Hours is now supported. Validated on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 R2.

Service Pack 04110823A (for version 5.0.0) 
(Released: 13 Jan 2012) 
SLIMStat version 5.0.0 was found to contain a defect which may be exhibited when Shelf life Projections are calculated on a Study that has no error when fitted with a Linear Least Squares fit algorithm. In other words, a “perfect” straight line “fit.” An example would be attempting to calculate a Shelf Life Projection containing time points of 0, 1, 2, and 3 Months with corresponding result values of 100.0, 100.0, 100.0, and 100.0. This issue has been corrected.

SLIMStat version 5.0.0 
(Released: 28 Feb 2011) 
Validated on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008. Statistically detect OOT (Out of Trend) results, and mark them as such. The choice of the Prediction Interval or the Standard Deviation about the Regression Line is allowed. Trend analysis using these statistical methods is also supported. Column mode (similar to Excel) data entry is supported. Write text and draw lines directly on the graph. Other new features and improvements were also included in this release.

SLIMStat version 4.3.0 
(Released: 15 Jan 2008) 
Vista Compatible and other new features.


For release information prior to version 4.3.0 please contact us at