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About H&A Scientific, Inc.                    

Better Software - Better Science Since 1992 

For over 25 years, H&A Scientific, Inc. has been a leader in complete laboratory software solutions. In 1992, our first software products, PC/Chrom and PC/Absorb, were DOS workstations for chromatography and atomic absorption, respectively. Since then, we have devoted our programming resources to the Microsoft Windows™ platforms.

In 1994, H&A released the ADIVP-1™ (Analog-to-Digital Interface Verification Package), a complete hardware/software product that verifies the linearity, reproducibility, and accuracy of analog-to-digital (A/D) interfaces.

ADIVP-1 — now called ChromWave™ — features a stable, reliable hardware component that consists of an EPROM chip and a high resolution, NIST traceable, digital-to-analog converter that outputs a predefined waveform to the A/D interface under study. Its industry-leading, task-simplifying software component is a Windows™ program that generates printed reports outlining and detailing the results of an investigation.

1996 saw the release of PC/Chrom for Windows™. PC/Chrom is a complete hardware/software product that interfaces your company’s GC or HPLC detector to a PC. PC/Chrom reads the analog output signal from the detector, digitizes the signal, displays the chromatogram, and processes the data according to user specifications. In 2001, H&A released PC/Chrom+, a complete 32-bit rewrite of our earlier PC/Chrom for Windows™ developed according to our industry-leading Quality Assurance Program.

In 1997, H&A brought its SLIM (Stability Laboratory Information Manager) to market. A state-of-the-art software system, SLIM remains an industry leader for complete management of drug stability programs, from the design of stability study protocols to statistical analysis and presentation of data for final FDA submission. SLIM is a 32-bit client-server application. The client software operates on Windows, while the server software utilizes Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle.

1997 was also the launch year for SLIMStat, SLIM’s best-in-class statistical module, which was specifically designed to calculate a product’s shelf-life. Built with the same stability and ease-of-use H&A products are known for, it also provides trend analysis and accelerated condition calculations using the Arrhenius equation. Pooling of batches is supported per ICH Q1E. While SLIMStat is included as part of SLIM, it can also be sold and implemented as a stand-alone application.

As part of our continuing mission to serve the needs of stability professionals, H&A released the OPT-DISS, a High Yield Fiber Optic UV-Vis Dissolution System, in 1998. OPT-DISS is the result of a joint venture between H&A Scientific, Inc. and Distek.

2001 saw the debut of another class-leading product, IntelliFORM (Intelligent Fiber Optic Reaction Monitoring). IntelliFORM analyzes batch reactions to determine which reactions produce more product and have faster reaction rates. It uses an innovative technique called Self-Modeling Curve Resolution to model reactions without the use of any products, allowing more information to be obtained at a lower cost.

In 2010, H&A Scientific was presented an export achievement certificate for recent accomplishments in the global marketplace by the United States Department of Commerce, U.S. Commercial Service. Our products have been sold and implemented in over 30 countries throughout the world, and are all backed up by a support team of real experts and stability professionals — not call center personnel.